Gallup data shows that 21% of millennials report changing jobs within the last year, which is more than three times the number of non-millennials. Even if attrition rates overall do not seem very high, we all know that it is a major risk and concern for keeping operations and service delivery stable. Not to mention the time, money and fluctuant performance that turnover costs businesses.

Over 75% of voluntary turnover is preventable and it includes push factors such as career development opportunities, management behavior, work environment and work-life balance. 21% of employees have mentioned that they changed their job due to lack of the opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged.

Studies show that many times people leave their jobs due to defective management, lack of leadership or coaching skills.

How would it be for your employees to align their personal and professional objectives, thus be motivated and performant both at work and in their personal lives? How would it be for your managers to know how to do this anytime it is needed? How would it be for your employees and managers to proactively find self-development opportunities within the company while all you need to do is be open to great new ideas?

Our programs will support your employees in aligning their personal and professional objectives, build and follow a self-development path within your company and, at the same time, a consistent part of our programs support management teams in developing their coaching and communication skills as well as developing focused strategies on motivating people, increasing performance and reducing turnover.

Once we start working together, during the discovery phase, we will identify and customize the program to best cover the needs and gaps of your organization.

The parts or our programs that most contribute to reducing attrition in your company are:

  • The Art of Coaching
  • The Communication Model with the External World
  • Profiling Tools – People Management Strategies

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