We plant. You grow.

We believe the success of an organization is determined by the success of its people. We make your people and teams successful through an advanced understanding of the human mind and by tackling the invisible drivers behind human behavior. We just happen to customize great transformation programs.

In times of relentless disconnection, disruption and demand, we are facing a growing need of people paying attention to their emotional state and balance. As employee turnover increases, employee overload and burnout reaching critical levels, it becomes paramount to address the invisible human factors that drive employee engagement, motivation, performance and super results.

Grain is a training & consulting company that delivers customized transformation programs that tackle the invisible human factors and make a huge impact on your business.  

Partly based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming concepts, the approach offers and integrates an advanced understanding of the human mind, atomic behavior and the physical world, and represents an accelerated transformation process that installs mental & emotional frames that drive towards performance and results.

I think that in each module I learned at least one valuable thing and it is really hard to decide on only one. I think “the art of asking questions” and “how our beliefs are influencing our lives” are the mot valuable for me.

Bogdan, Manager

I really liked the stories and the fact that the theory and practice were balanced. I had no time to get bored. The techniques we learned are really useful and I will definitely test them with my team. I already tested some of them with my boyfriend :)”

Teodora, Team Leader

“I subscriber to this training program because I needed a change in my way of thinking. My life was like a puzzle and thanks to you I managed to put each piece in the right place. I am better at managing my emotions and I am much more confident that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I learned a lot of valuable lessons that helped me put order in my life: setting objectives, the limiting beliefs, identifying the cause and effect. But the most important thing was discovering my values in each area of my life. Suddenly all started to make sense, I started to know myself better and to follow my instincts. Now I can say with certitude where I am and what I want to do in the future.

Roxana, HR Administrator

“How to avoid a conflict, how to place myself at the cause of the events and how to get out of a vicios circle is very useful for me. In the future I will work on finding my values in all the areas of my life. This program has opened many « boxes » that were closed until now and I hope to have the chance to attend more such trainings in the future.

Alexandru, HR Administrator